Your Holiday To-Do List

It can be December 24th when we finally sit down and make our holiday to-do list. At that point, we are often paying for rush shipping, ordering prepared foods, and buying gift cards. Don’t let the weeks leading up to the holidays fly by without you noticing. After years of helping our clients during the holiday season, we are sharing our go-to to-do list for this time of year.

  1. Make holiday travel arrangements. Whether you are making plans for yourself or your family, holiday travel can be hectic. Book your flights early, plan transportation to and from the airport, and book accommodations if needed.
  2. Add special holiday events to your calendar. You don’t want to miss taking the whole family to the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Mark these events on your calendar so you don’t miss them.
  3. Book tickets to holiday shows. The best days to see the Nutcracker, holiday movies at the theatre, or sporting events often sell-out early. That leaves you with Tuesdays at 2pm to enjoy the holiday events – not so convenient. Check out local event calendars and book tickets as soon as you can.
  4. Decorate! Make a plan to pick up your Christmas tree and schedule an evening when the whole family can come together to decorate.
  5. Create your holiday card list. Whether you will handwrite addresses or order online, knowing your holiday card list will help you buy the right number of cards and stamps. No one wants to realize the week before Christmas they are short on cards!
  6. Write your holiday cards. Grab a few family members to help, turn on the holiday music, and start writing. If you are tech-savvy, you can send digital cards or order pre-printed cards and mail them online.
  7. Create your holiday shopping gift list. Instead of doing last minute shopping, know your list as you are out running errands or attending holiday markets. That way, if you see something perfect, you can buy it without any hesitation. We find holiday gift shopping is much more enjoyable and less stressful this way!
  8. Start shopping! We love supporting local businesses and often you can find holiday markets and other events where you can get all of your shopping done at once.
  9. Pick up holiday stamps and wrapping supplies. First, check what may be left over from last year. Then you can head to the Post Office and your favorite gift wrapping supply store and get everything left that you may need.
  10. Wrap presents. This is one of our favorite holiday to-do’s. Turn on your favorite holiday playlist and start wrapping!
  11. Ship packages and  mail cards. No one will care if you are early, but they will notice if you are late! Give yourself at least a week before Christmas to mail your cards and ship presents. With the long lines at the Post Office and other holiday chaos- you never know if something unexpected may delay you last minute.
  12. Plan holiday meals. Whether you are hosting family and planning larger meals or just require travel snacks, knowing ahead of time will help you get everything you want and reduce the prep time.
  13. Holiday clean-up. Make a plan ahead of the time when you’ll be taking down the decorations, how you’ll dispose of the Christmas tree, and how you will politely return and exchange any unwanted gifts.
  14. Write thank you cards. Save an afternoon to write your thank-you cards and use any remaining holiday stamps. If you really planned ahead, you kept a list of who gifted each present to make the process easy.
  15. Book reservations for NYE. The earlier the better as most places will sell-out by mid-December.

What can Fini Concierge help you with?

We have helped our clients with all of the above, or sometimes with everything else they still need to do. Either way, it’s important you make the most of the time with your family and friends. Let us take care of what you need to get done so you can have a happy holiday season.