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Who Manages Your Work/Life Balance? released a study on the importance that workers and human resource departments place on work/life balance initiatives. The study’s results show that workers place a higher value on work/life balance benefits than their human resource departments.

The Worker’s Point of View:

  • 89% of employees believe that work/life balance programs, such as flextime and telecommuting are important when evaluating a new job.
  • More than 75% of workers believe that work/life balance initiatives result in more loyal and efficient employees.
  • 29% of workers view their employer’s work/life balance initiatives as good or excellent.

The HR Point of View:

  • 50% of HR professionals believe that work/life balance initiatives to be important for their company.
  • 61% of HR professionals believe there will be more employer-provided work/life balance initiatives in 5 years.
  • 56% of HR professionals believe that general work/life balance will improve in the future.
  • 60% of workers say that they spend too much time working.

It’s a sticky problem. Employers want a few things in exchange for providing a good job and employees want to be rewarded for working hard. Employers want their staff to be productive and loyal, and live happy lives. Employees want their employers to recognize the time and effort they put into making their company successful.

Whose responsibility (the employee or the employer) is it to ensure that an individual achieves a balance between work and “life?” And at whose expense?

Some employees want their employers to offer creative ways to support work/life balance. May be that an employer offers flex-time, but in exchange should the employees honor that work/life balance by exploring ways on their own to simplify their lives, so they can work harder at the office?

Employees find all sorts of ways to balance life at home and work. They have grandma or grandpa babysit the kids during the day. They sneak out during lunch to pick up the dry cleaning or have lunch with the kids at home. They arrive very early to work and then leave in the afternoon prior to everyone else. They work a full day then rush out to hit the grocery and department stores before closing. Employees even arrange conference calls in the evening after dinner. It seems with this running around it’s almost impossible to be productive at work and enjoy life away from the office.

Most of us can’t do everything that we are expected to and live happily with work/life balance – at least not all of the time.

Sometimes we need to call in the calvary. Concierge companies such as Fini Concierge offer a solution. Employees can outsource those personal projects or everyday tasks that they don’t like to do, don’t feel that they have time to do or realize don’t require their personal touch. It’s a choice to live life in a different way – and a simpler way.

And if you want your company to offer additional work/life balance benefits – make your voice heard to your HR department or your manager. After all, if your company can help you pick up the dry cleaning and get the car serviced while you work for them, then you’ll probably be a loyal and efficient employee.

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