Avoid Stress This Holiday Season

Even though so many people look forward to this time of year, when it gets here they meet it with a certain amount of dread. People feel the extra pressure of all the gift buying, party going, cooking and family hosting. And with all of the things “to-do”, they forget about the spirit of the season. 

We watch the numerous news stories starting on Thanksgiving Day about the thousands of shoppers who stay up late on Thanksgiving Day or arrived early at the stores on “Black Friday” to start their holiday shopping and take advantage of the holiday sales. For some, “Black Friday” shopping is their annual holiday girl’s ritual, equal parts enjoyment of getting a deal and celebrating the time they spent together. For others, they look on with dread. They probably bought things they didn’t need because they didn’t want to miss a good deal.

Typically, we put up and decorate more than seven trees a season. Along with the tree requests, we receive many gifts lists from clients of items that we need to buy. Here are a few ways the Fini Concierge team can help you focus on what’s important this holiday season.

  • Christmas tree decorating, from delivering the tree to hanging ornaments.
  • Gift buying and wrapping.
  • Holiday party and meal planning. We can even pick up groceries before your guests arrive.
  • Holiday show ticket purchasing and planning a fun day in the city.
  • Dropping off packages to the post office so you can skip the long line!
  • Addressing and mailing holiday cards.

Cooking a holiday meal with family, meeting friends for a night of holiday cheer, bringing the kids to ice skate on the Frog Pond or shopping on “Black Friday”, these are the traditions that truly represent the holiday spirit. Yes, we all have a list of gifts to buy and items to bake, but it’s important to not get lost in the things you have “to-do” and remember why you’re doing it. And, of course, you can outsource many of those “to-dos” to others such as Fini Concierge, leaving you more time to enjoy the festivities during the holidays.

Here’s wishing you much enjoyment of the holiday season!!