Buried under Lights, Garland, Gifts and Wrapping Paper!

Thanksgiving through New Years is a very busy time for everyone, which also means that the Fini Concierge team is called upon more than usual by our clients. We find ourselves buried in gifts, wrapping paper, Christmas trees, lights and holiday cards!

Although many of us make a vow to start our shopping and card addressing early, most of us break our promise to not make the season any more stressful than it needs to be and end up waiting longer than we should to start tackling our holiday lists. This is why we totally sympathize with some of our clients who are still making requests for help with holiday preparations just days (and sometimes even hours!) before their holiday celebrations.

But despite the stress and rush of the season, it’s actually fun and rewarding to help people with all of their holiday tasks. We put up Christmas trees and hung our fair share of wreathes and garland. We bought countless gifts, addressed hundreds of holiday cards and wrapped dozens and dozens of packages. There were many hours spent in lines to send off packages at the post office and UPS. We helped coordinate several corporate outings and festive holiday parties.

Just A few of our Holiday Services

Gift Giving

  • Gift shopping.
  • Gift wrapping.
  • Ship or deliver gifts.
  • Locate hard to find items.
  • Provide Gift Ideas.
  • Create personalized gift baskets.
  • Order, address, and mail holiday cards.

Holiday Decorating

  • Purchase holiday decorations.
  • Tree purchase, set-up and decorate.
  • Provide ideas or themes.


  • Grocery shopping.
  • Liquor shopping.
  • Flower order/delivery.
  • Buy/set-up/clean-up decorations.
  • Menu design and shopping.
  • Liaison with vendors (e.g. caterer).

Then of course there’s the clean up

Here’s how our team can help tie up loose ends and start your new year off right!

  • Returning or exchanging gifts.
  • Breaking down and storing holiday decorations.
  • Making last minute travel plans to get away for New Years.

It’s a tiring time of year but at the end of the season we feel good about being part of what is a happy and magical time. We get the chance to help people to surprise a loved one with that perfect gift they’ve been dying for or take the hassle out of buying and putting up a Christmas tree when their time is more happily spent decorating it with their kids. Throwing a holiday bash is possible because someone had some help pulling together all the small details and a co-worker gets recognized with a thoughtful gift because they didn’t have to find the time to purchase it.

The details that we take care of during the holiday season are often those tasks that people dread but we’re a part of the spirit and thoughtfulness that makes the season special.