Holiday Cards Made Easy With Fini Concierge

Oh, holiday cards. People love to receive them and display them on their fridge or mantle. But when it comes to sending them out, that’s a task often dreaded.

Do you get professional photographs taken for this year’s holiday cards? Do you have someone custom illustrate your family for this year’s batch? Do you order online? Or is it okay to just buy the most fabulous box of holiday cards at your nearest retailer? And then comes the envelope stuffing, addressing and stamping.

And who has time for all of that? Not you, right? You’re too busy making your kids’ holiday wish lists to email to relatives and figuring out what Pinterest-inspired scene your Elf On The Shelf will find itself in tonight.

So, if you’re reading this blog post and realized you haven’t even thought about holiday cards yet and that there are only 21 days left this year, don’t give up. That’s what Fini Concierge is here for. We’ll:

  • Purchase your holiday cards
  • Help you find the perfect family photo
  • Stuff those envelopes
  • Address all those holiday cards
  • And place the perfect holiday-themed stamp on them right before dropping them off at the post office

You don’t have to dread holiday cards. Sending them out can be just as simple and fun as receiving them.