Your Cape Cod End-Of-Summer Checklist

When fall rolls around second homeowner’s breathe a sigh of relief.

On the Cape, the fall is not peak season to visit or rent, so instead use this time to your advantage to spruce things up at your home or vacation rental. It’s a great time to “clean house” whether you find a new housekeeper or tend to a project you’ve been putting off. Here is our team’s helpful end-of-summer checklist that we can help you get started on.

  • Tend to a project you’ve been putting off. The easiest way to start is to go room by room making a list of what needs fixing.
  • Clean out your garage and/or basement. We like to make piles to “keep”, “donate”, & “toss”.
  • Build a new deck or outdoor shower. Many local contractors prefer to pick up these projects at this time instead of during the winter or peak season.
  • Remember last year when you were annoyed that you had to clean your gutters? Invest in gutter covers to help things flow all year.
  • Purchase the new outdoor grill you have had your eyes on. The fall is a great time to hit all of the “end of season” sales.
  • Have all filters in HVAC units changed. Those units did a lot of work over the past few months. This is a great time to get them serviced.
  • Update all of linens and towels… especially if you are a rental. Everyone appreciates fresh linens and towels upon their arrival.
  • Hire a new housekeeper. Maybe you weren’t totally thrilled with your cleaning service this past season. Now is the time to research, interview, and hire a new team.
  • Plant a fall harvest. The fall is a beautiful time of year (my favorite) on the Cape and a wonderful time to clean out your garden and start fresh.

The list goes on… Consider It Done.
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